Welcome to XML Calabash

XML Calabash is an implementation of XProc: An XML Pipeline Language.

See the XML Calabash GitHub project status page for more details.

You can download Calabash and/or read the documentation. Calabash also ships with the <oXygen/> xml editor (as does Saxon-EE which includes support for validation with W3C XML Schema).

There is a reference guide to XML Calabash.


XML Calabash releases are now automated. You can get them from GitHub or Maven Central.

(I changed the stylesheets that generate these pages to be more HTML5-ish. If you have problems in your browser, I'd be curious to hear about it.)

Follow along…

If you're interested in tracking the development of XML Calabash, you might be interested in:

  • Following the discussion on xproc-dev (archived at lists.w3.org and MarkMail). XProc-dev is a general XProc discussing list, not limited specifically to XML Calabash.

  • Following the code development at github.

  • Following the issues list (old list).

  • You can even follow xmlcalabash on Twitter, if you want. Or xproc on Twitter for more general XProc tweets.

  • Following (or +1ing or circling or whatever one does with Google+ pages) the Google+ page for XML Calabash.

Contact us

The xmlcalabash.org site is maintained by Norman Walsh. If you have any questions or comments, please send email to .