5. Examples

5.1. Single input, single output

<calabash in="in.xml" out="out1.xml" pipeline="pipeline.xpl"/>

What could be simpler?

5.2. pipeline

<calabash in="in.xml" out="out.xml">
        <file file="pipeline.xpl" />

5.3. Implicit fileset plus mapper on additional input port

<calabash includes="doc.xml"
    <input port="alternate">
        <globmapper from="*.xml" to="*-alt.xml" />

5.4. Fixed input, multiple mapped outputs

<calabash in="group-003_input1.xml" pipeline="group-003_pipeline.xpl">
    <output port="result">
        <globmapper from="*_input1.xml" to="out/*_result.xml" />
    <output port="result2">
        <globmapper from="*_input1.xml" to="out/*_result2.xml" />

5.5. QNames

<calabash in="in.xml" out="out.xml" pipeline="pipeline.xpl">
    <namespace prefix="hi" uri="low" />
    <parameter name="{hi}there" value="a value" />
    <parameter name="hi:there" value="a value" />

{hi}there is a QName in Clark notation, where hi is the namespace URI and there is the local name; whereas hi in hi:there is a namespace prefix that is bound to the low namespace URI.