1. Saxon processor

There are three classes of Saxon processor: “home edition”, “professional edition”, and “enterprise edition”. There are four ways to select the edition you wish to use:

Command line (long): --saxon-processor=edition
Command line (short): -Pedition
Java system property: com.xmlcalabash.saxon-processor=edition
XML configuration: <cc:saxon-processor>edition</cc:saxon-processor>
Ant task: <calabash saxonProcessor="edition"/>

Where edition is one of “he”, “pe”, or “ee”. The actual edition that you get will depend on where the Saxon jar files appear on your classpath. XML Calabash will proceed even if it cannot obtain the requested edition, but dynamic errors will occur if you attempt to use features not available in the edition actually used.

Schema aware processing requires “enterprise edition”; if you request schema aware processing, the processor option is treated as if you'd requested “ee” irrespective of what you actually specified.