25. Serialization options

All of the XML serialization options can be specified with system properties or specified in the configuration file.

Command line: --serialize port:option=value
Java system properties: com.xmlcalabash.serial.option=value
XML configuration: <cc:serialization option="value"/>

The option names supported are: byte-order-mark, doctype-public, doctype-system, encoding, escape-uri-attributes, include-content-type, indent, media-type, normalization-form, omit-xml-declaration, standalone, undeclare-prefixes, and version. In addition, the cdata-section-elements option is supported on cc:serialization. (It's only supported in the configuration file because the values are QNames.)

Values specified in system properties and in the configuration file are only used if the pipeline does not specify any serialization parameters itself.

Values specified on the command line override values specified in any other place.